Ahmad Gomaa

Founder and Managing Partner

  • Mr Gomaa has been working with SMEs for over 24 years
  • Financing
    • Banking ; Mr Gomaa financed SMEs at American Express Bank (1994-97) and at GroFin Egypt (2014-2015).
    • Equity ; Mr Gomaa financed SMEs at CIIC (97-03), EFG Hermes (2003-10) and Union Capital (2011-13).
    • Mr Gomaa has managed a total of Assets Under Management over USD 150 million dollars.
    • Consulting ; consulting for the past two years at own firms assisting in SMEs raising debt and equity
  • Board Seats Mr Gomaa served as board member at many SMEs
  • Entrepreneur Mentoring
    • Companies Managed; Mr Gomaa has coached many entrepreneurs through companies he invested in.
    • Business Plan Competitions: Mr Gomaa advised over entrepreneur 400.
  • Education
    • Mr Gomaa graduated from Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand with BA in political science,
    • Credit courses at American Express Bank
    • Investment Course with DC Gardner
    • Teaching entrepreneurship at Intel.

Hany Gad


  • Mr Hany has a 16 year experience in financial and accounting services with the SMEs domain.
  • Mr Hany has served at CIIC for 4 years, as an accountant at Diamond Castle for tourism Dubai (2005-2006). As a financial Manager at Engnet (2006-2008), as an accountant at Ideavelopers 2008-2009) Financial Manager at Connectmetv 2009-2012, as a Financial Manager at Unique Solutions (2012-2014), a Financial Manager at Digi Palm (2014 -2015) and as a Financial Manager at EL Kenana 2015- to date).
  • Mr Hany worked for 6 SMEs as mainly the financial manager who reports directly to CEOs, and has built a strong understanding of SMEs needs being a financial manager for some of them.
  • He has also worked at Ideavelopers where he was fronting for the investment fund dealing with SMEs.
  • Mr Hany worked on several financial systems and today has a good knowledge on the systems.
  • Mr Hany has built a network of accountants over the years and has a good command of managing them.
  • Mr Hany is graduate of Ain Shams University – Cairo Egypt.


SME 2 Unicorn

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