Exit Strategy

Around 80% of SMEs owners want to retire after some time, but Less than 25% have planned for that. And 70 percent of businesses fail to be successfully transitioned to the next generation of owners (either within the family or outside the family) and the fact remains that 100 percent of SME owners will eventually leave their businesses.

We can help them solve issues and achieve objectives Exit goals as follows:

  • Family dynamics (children in the business, fairness among family members, family harmony in a business environment, etc.).
  • Transitioning ownership vs. transitioning leadership, key employees and how they fit into a succession plan.
  • Recommending optimal structures of a transition (sale, financing, ESOPs, etc.)
  • Design exit objectives, Develop stand-alone systems to function in the absence of business owners
  • Maximize cash flow and valuation
  • Identify exit opportunities via acquisition by third party or management buyouts
  • Recommend wealth sustainable scenarios and optimal tax payment scenarios

SME 2 Unicorn

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