Financial Modeling

  • Modeling: financial modeling: creating a financial forecast in numerical values. An easy-to-use financial model with a level of sophistication that is appropriate for your specific situation. Customizable financial models to fit any type of business, or create a new financial model from scratch depending on the circumstances. The process is as much art as science and we have the experience to help getting it right.
  • Analysis: holding a constructive review on financial figures which reflects business realities. Diagnose these numbers find out a logical interpretation , in other words analyze them and decide if they are healthy within the industry or not and recommend solutions to be incorporated in the future some of these suggestions maybe part of the a strategic development plan or growth plan.
  • Forecast: our financial models include: major assumptions are documented and organized by categories, operating expenses are grouped by departments. All standard financial statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flow. All cash flow calculations are done at the monthly level of detail. Key ratios such as revenue per headcount to allow for benchmarking against other companies in the industry.
  • Valuation: constructing a comprehensive valuation exercise, selecting comparable listed companies, market valuation multiples, book value and discounted cash flow valuation. Our business valuation services include:
    • Startup valuations: carryout business valuations to assist entrepreneurs negotiate the equity ownership position to sell, and the price of the equity, when raising startup capital.
    • Merger/Acquisition valuations: we carryout business valuations to assist entrepreneurs negotiate structure, merger and acquisition transactions, including determining optimal debt and equity structures.

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